Repair Damaged Wood Quickly & Economically With Alkat Restoration

Architects and customers are specifying more and more stain grade millwork. Even with your greatest efforts, some woodwork will be damaged during construction. When the punch list shows up with dents, scratches, mars and other wood damage, what do you do? These expensive items must be restored, repaired, and refinished to the original condition or replaced in order to make your customer satisfied.

Commercial wood restoration of a conference room

Commercial wood restoration of a conference room  

This is where we come in. We take care of damaged wood or furniture quickly with the least expense to you. We are Alkat Restoration - providing you on-site restoration of your millwork, wood doors, cabinetry, furniture, and peace of mind! We provide this unique wood touch up and repair service to more contractors in the Carolinas than any other restoration company in the area.

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Our production touchup services include: 

  • Damaged wood Faux Finishing
  • Millwork repair
  • Cabinetry touch up
  • Damaged Faux Finishing
  • Laminate repair
  • Color match and finishing
  • Strip and refinishing
  • Hardwood refinisher services
  • Leather repair
  • Residential wood refinisher
  • Wood fabrication and repair


  • Faux Finishing to Enhance Any Room

    Do you love the look of texture walls and surfaces? Then Faux Finishing may be for you. At Alkat Restoration, we're your Fayetteville Faux Finishing experts. We can provide Faux Finishing for doors, walls, and fine furniture. If you're looking for a different look for your Fayetteville home or business, ask us about Faux Finishing.

    Faux Finishing is usually a textured approach to painting and is a form of replicating materials such as leather, marble, or wood with paint. Faux Finishing can give a room warmth and depth. If you're really looking to give your Fayetteville business or home a unique interior look, it's time to find out more about Faux Finishing. Alkat Restoration has a team of experts ready to serve Fayetteville clients with the finest Faux Finishing services available.

    Faux Finishing: An Easy Way to Add Character to a Room

    There are a couple of different methods used in Faux Finishing. Glaze work for Faux Finishing usually involves a translucent mixture of paints that are smoothed on the surface and feel smooth to the touch. Plaster for Faux Finishing is applied with a spatula and can result in more texture to the touch. Either way, Faux Finishing is perfect for Fayetteville homes and businesses because it adds more composition to a room. Keep your Fayetteville home or business looking fresh and modern with a variety of finishing, restoration and repair options available.

    Doing Faux Finishing yourself can be time-consuming and messy. Call us at Alkat Restoration if you need help with your Faux Finishing projects. Why not have our experts come to you in Fayetteville to provide Faux Finishing, repair, or restoration? Save the time and hassle of driving all over Fayetteville and let us come to you or let us help you in our specially equipped headquarters. From Faux Finishing to structural repairs, we're qualified professionals that can provide you with the perfect finishing touch.

    Some of our customers include:


    "The very next day AL LOPEZ of Alkat Restoration called, from that point on things began to
        fall in place...
    Angela & Joe Sergi
    Kraft Maid Customers

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